Encyclopedia of Female Islamic Saints


Wan Doneh and Maknih (d. early 21st century/late 20th century) were sisters, great grand­daughters of the saint Habib ‘Abd al-Rahim and Indonesian mystics of the Shattari order. ‘Abd al-Rahim, an eminent saint in the Aceh province of Indonesia, claimed to be a sayyid, or descendant of Muhammad, and so it is believed that, as a saint and sayyid, his karâmât, or spiritual gifts and miracles, were passed down through his sons, as succession in a ṭarîqah often does. However, Wan Doneh and Maknih, who lead mixed-gender spiritual rituals in their lives, are said to have possessed karâmât by their descendants, as well as some descendants of ‘Abd al-Rahim’s male heirs. This makes them rare cases of matrilineal descent of blessings or spiritual abilities, a matter disputed by many patrilineal descendants of ‘Abd al-Rahim and others. Wan Doneh and Maknih were buried in the Seunagan district of Aceh, and devotees have regularly visited their graves since their passing.

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