Female Islamic Saints


People walk around a fenced gilded indoor enclosure around Sakinah’s tomb
The ḍarīḥ of Sakinah at Bāb aṣ-Ṣaghīr in Damascus, Syria.

Sakīnah bint Ḥusayn (c. after 671–735), called Amīnah at birth after Muḥammad’s grand­mother, was a great granddaughter of Muḥammad and the daughter of Ḥusayn and his wife Rabāb. She is usually described as younger than her sister Fāṭimah, although her precise year of birth is not known. She was very close to her father and attended him to his battle in Karbala and subsequently taken by Yazīd’s army with the surviving family and companions to Kufa and Damascus to be imprisoned. When she was released, she returned to Medina, after which not many details are known. She married her cousin ‘Abd Allāh bin Ḥasan and may have left to Egypt. She is supposed to have been buried in Egypt or the al-Baqī‘ cemetery in Medina, but most commonly in the Bāb aṣ-Ṣaghīr cemetery in Damascus, where people come to visit her shrine.

West AsiaImami Shi‘i.