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The talisman of Shamhūrish in Kitāb al-Bulhān and Maṭāliʻ as-Saʻāda respectively.

Shamhūrish (شمهورش) is one of the Seven Jinn Kings who is important in folklore and magic. He was also called aṭ-Ṭayyār “the Flyer” and said to serve talismanic “Head” Qaswarah. He is believed by some to be deceased and succeeded by the jinnī Mutawakil. In Shams al-Maʿārif al-Kubrā, he is called the jinnī of the planet Jupiter, and so is governed by the angel Sarfyāʾīl, and is associated withe the metal tin and Thursday. In the illustration of his talisman in Kitāb al-Bulhān and Maṭāliʻ as-Saʻāda he is depicted beside jinn followers and holding a person by the legs, also having pale blue skin and a snake coiled on his head. In the titles he is called Shamhūrasha Naṣrāniyyi, “Shamhūrash the Chistian”. He is particularly eminent in Morrocan folklore, where he is venerated as a folk saint as Sidi Chamharouch. A tomb at the base of Mount Toubkal in Morocco that is barred to non-Muslims is dedicated to him. This tomb is marked by a boulder painted white and may have been a repurposed pre-Islamic religious site as is common for many shrines and tombs. In Morrocan folklore he was also said to have a son called Sulṭān al-Khāl “the Black King”, and a daughter who aided sorceresses.

The tomb dedicated to Sidi Chamharouch.