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The talisman of Murrah in Maṭāliʻ as-Saʻāda.

Murrah (مرة) is one of the Seven Jinn Kings. He is said to serve the talismanic “Head” Ṭaykal. Al-Būnī described him as the jinnī of the Moon and under the angel Jibrāʾīl, and he is associated with silver and Monday. While his talisman does not appear in Kitāb al-Bulhān, in Maṭāliʻ as-Saʻāda he is depicted as a yellow elder jinnī speaking to jinn followers. The talisman titles call him al-Malik al-ʾAbayḍ, “The White King”, and he is also called Abū l-Ḥārith, “Father of the Ploughman” (al-Ḥārith is an Arabic word for a lion) and Abū n-Nūr, “Father of Light”. He was said to have a daughter called Shamṣ bint al-Malik al-ʾAbayḍ, and Ibn an-Nadīm listed him among the 72 jinn attendants of Solo­mon as well.